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We are excited to announce the new World Unity Football Alliance (WUFA), a collaborative effort between value-aligned teams with a mission to promote hope, opportunity, and universal human rights while celebrating the joy of bringing people together through the most beautiful of games: Football. Our united core values include empathy, compassion, equity, honesty, and respect for universal human rights. We work equitably together on projects, campaigns, and events that elevate the Alliance’s mission and values, and those of each of our teams.

Immediately, WUFA is moving forward in organizing games, tournaments, cultural events, and supporting opportunities for our collective communities to promote and create social good. There are nine founding members for the Alliance and ongoing conversations with a number of other interested teams. This is just the beginning. 

WUFA’s founding teams:

Chagos Island FA: The Chagos Football Team was founded in Feb 2013 by Mrs. Marie Sabrina Jean and it’s based in Crawley, near London, where the Chagossian community has been in exile since it was forcibly evicted from its Indian Ocean homeland in 1966. The British government sold the Chagossian home, the island of Diego Garcia, to the U.S. for a new military air base. Thousands of miles away from its ancestral home, the Chagossian community continues to fight to be allowed to return to its islands, proudly maintaining its unique identity in Crawley Manchester and all around the world, through language, song, culture, and, of course football, to let people know about the Chagossian history. Since the beginning of 2019 the team has had a new manager who is Jimmy Ferrar.

Matabeleland Football: Founded in 2016, The Matabeleland Football Confederacy uses football to rebuild a community, a people and a nation. We use football to pursue peace, development, and community transformation.

  • Through football we have been empowered
  • Through football we have found peace
  • Through football we have found a home
  • Through football we have found victory
  • Through football we will conquer sizonqoba

Karen FA: The Karen Football Association debuted in the beginning of 2020 with the formation of the Women’s and Men’s National Teams, along with a youth futsal academy based in Minnesota. Our mission is to use football to promote gender equity while providing more playing opportunities for the athletes in the Karen Community. Our goal is to actively open doors for young athletes who want to play in college and beyond. We are excited to connect the Karen Community around the world through football.

Tamil Eelam FA: Tamil Eelam Football Association’s vision is to promote the development of the game amongst all ages, gender and abilities in terms of participation and quality within the Tamil community. This also involves promoting the availability of the sport to the greatest possible number of people. A strong professional game is fundamental to creating interest in football at the grassroots. The FA will ensure a strong relationship with other organisations that hold an interest in the development of football among the Tamil community and the wider community.

Barawa: The Barawa Football Team is the team representing the Somali diaspora in England. It is named after Barawa, a port town in Somalia. Barawa Football Association was developed in 2015. Using football as a tool, the aim is to expose the Barawanese culture around the world and actively redevelop football in the south region of Somalia. Barawa uses the power of football to create change. 

International Surrey Football: International Surrey Football, representing the County of Surrey in Southern England, debuted a men’s team in 2018 and has since expanded to include a senior women’s team while forming a partnership with a local educational programme in the region to support and promote sport education for both boys and girls aged 16-19. Surrey’s history with football stretches back to the very early days that the game became organised in England.

Western Sahara: The Sahrawi National Team is active since the 1980s. In 2012 the Sahrawi Football Federation was officially founded and participated in an international tournament in Kurdistan for the first time. Today the main activity of the SFF takes place in the Sahrawi refugee camps around the South-Algerian city of Tindouf, and also in Spain and France.

Darfur United: In 2012, after years of visiting refugee survivors of a crisis that has been called “hell on earth” and genocide, iACT, a Los Angeles-based organization, co-created with refugees on the Chad-Sudan border the Darfur United Men’s Team and took it to compete in a World Football Cup. The formation of the team and its participation in a global tournament gave Darfuri refugees a world stage on which to represent their people—and all refugees—and bring attention to some of the most vulnerable and forgotten populations. In 2018, iACT listened to Darfuri refugee women and their aspirations to play, compete, and pave the way for a generation of girls in their community; and supported them in forming the first-ever Darfur United Women’s Team.

Parishes of Jersey FC: Parishes of Jersey was set up in 2018 by former Jersey footballer, James Scott, who wanted to give an opportunity for the best players on the island to represent their country against other similar non-FIFA nations. Jersey is 5 miles long and 9 miles wide with a population of around 108,000 living in 12 parishes.  The team played their inaugural game in October 2018, defeating Yorkshire International Football Association 2-1 in Jersey.  Scott manages the football team and is assisted off the field by Parishes’ President, James Blower.

Yorkshire Representative Football Team: The ties between Yorkshire and football go back a long way, the region boasting the world’s oldest football club and ground. The Yorkshire Representative Football Team was formed mid-2017, to allow the people of the region to support international football under a banner that they identify most strongly with, as well as to learn from other cultures with shared values and/or aims. The region’s historical origins lie in the independent Kingdom of York and, although Yorkshire is no longer extant as a single political unit, it is now widely recognized as a Unique Cultural Region. Yorkshire’s strength of identity has been key in resisting centuries of attempts by unsympathetic English governments to assimilate and homogenize its culture and communities. Football gives regions like Yorkshire a voice on the international stage that they otherwise lack.


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